The National Vegetable Society makes a number of awards to members

The Criteria for awards are as follows


A minimum of five years service to the Society of an outstanding nature being clearly defined is a requirement. Branch Officials, District Association Officers or those members who have rendered special supportive services would be deemed worthy of consideration.


A minimum of ten years service to the Society, Branch or District Association. It must be substantial and well documented. Fellows of long standing who have progressed and gone on to perform outstanding work on behalf of the Society would be suitable candidates.


A minimum of fifteen years service is required. A candidate for the Society's most prestigious award must have been previously or is at present at the forefront and directly involved in the management of the Society’s affairs. Their name will be respected and known to the majority of long serving members in all Branches. Involvement at National level for some years is a requirement.


This award can be obtained by Branches, District Associations and Affiliated Societies. The award should reflect the work done by a member of the National Vegetable Society or the Affiliated Society over very many years for the well being of that Society providing that it relates to the area of vegetable cultivation.


This may be awarded to any recognised group of members of the Society or to a Branch or District Association who have made a considerable impact on the public by advancing the aims and objectives of the Society


Candidates will be considered from detailed and full submissions on the prescribed Awards form.

All nominations must be forwarded to the relevant Branch Secretary not less than 14 days before the date of the Branch Committee meeting immediately preceding the Branch Annual General Meeting where they will be considered.

The agreed Award nominations shall then be forwarded to the National Secretary for presentation to the Awards Committee for their deliberations.

A copy of the application form can be found here>

Notwithstanding the forgoing the Awards Committee may also make Awards at their own discretion.

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