A lot of growers will be looking at the weather and worrying about their potatoes in case they get blight. Below is a link to the replacement site for "Blight Watch".  It's called "Blight Spy" and it forecasts the areas where the right conditions for blight will occur.

BlightSpy provides:

a blight risk forecast for next 48 hours, with up to 8 days ahead available

data on both temperature and humidity

national and regional overviews, allowing each site to be seen in context

What is a Hutton Criteria?      

 A Hutton Criteria occurs when two consecutive days have both a minimum temperature of 10°C and at least six hours of relative humidity at or above 90%. 

Prediction of a Hutton criteria is shown by a red dot on the map. 

An amber dot shows a near miss. This is calculated by looking at 4 pieces of data, the relative humidity at or greater than 90% and the minimum temperature, on each of two days. If RH > 90% occurs on 5 hours on either day or minimum temperature is 9°C on either day, while the other criteria meet those required for Hutton, then a near miss is illustrated on the map.

link to Blight Spy site

If blight is predicted,  then you can spray your crops as a prevention using a product such as "Blight Guard"  which is produced by Jamieson Brothers, one of our valued partners.  Their Blight Guard is  a 100% natural product with no chemicals and is safe to use in your garden.  It's for use on Potatoes and Tomatoes.

Link to Jamieson Brothers site for more information

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